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Our professional and experienced cleaning staff does the job right the first time, giving you confidence that your office and other buildings will always look their best and make a great first impression on your clients.

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Domestic Cleaning

We understand that keeping up with a clean house or office can be difficult with the short amount of time you may have. Flawless Maids is dedicated to cleaning your property and leaving your property smelling brand new! Give Flawless Maids of house cleaning a call today!click here now
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Additional House Cleaning Services

Same Day cleaning:

Are you in a hurry? Do you not have enough time to clean the house yourself? Do you want someone to clean your house right there and then? Opt for Flawless Maids house cleaning services and get speedy services. We’ll be in and out of your residence in no time. We are super-efficient in our work. We try to do our best in the time span given to us and we promise to not to let you down.


Carpet cleaning and maintenance

Cleaning carpets can be a hassle for someone who is not well equipped. Flawless Maids house cleaning service is well equipped to handle and clean all kinds of fancy carpets. We clean you carpets in such a way that it does not harm the material in any possible way.



Spring or fall cleaning:

Depending on the time, event or season Flawless Maids House cleaning service Tampa, gives it customers to choose from spring cleaning or fall cleaning. You can choose from either and us handle the rest.


Window cleaning:

Flawless Maids has the ability to make you windows shine. We make sure that when we are done with them, there will be no visible marks on the glass. The window frame will look brand new and will regain all of its original colors.

Green cleaning:

In green cleaning only environmentally friendly products and methods are used. These procedures are set by professionals which make sure that the products do not cause any harm to a person’s health. Flawless Maids House Cleaning offers to do this at a comparative low and at affordable rates.


Residential cleaning:

Do you have guests coming over and your house is a mess? Are you throwing a party but your house is mess? Well then look no further. Flawless Maids House Cleaning Service provides residential cleaning. In residential cleaning we work our way through each room in your house. We use traditional methods in cleaning your rooms in detail. We make sure that when we are done with you room we leave you mesmerized with the quality of work. We guarantee you a germ free, clean zone. We try to finish our work as quickly as possible without compromising at the quality of our service.

You can leave your bed unmade. You can make a mess in your house and can trust us to clean it for you at very low cost. Our methods are much more effective than the methods being used by our competitors.


Move in – Move out cleaning:

Are you shifting to a new place? Do you think the place where you are shifting in isn’t clean? Do you want to acquire the best services in town to make your new home germ free? Flawless Maids service is what you are looking for. We know that shifting to a new place is not an easy task. You may not even be sure in what condition did the previous tenants might have kept the place in. Do you want a peace of mind? Let Flawless Maids take care of that for you. We know exact where to clean for guaranteeing cleanliness and a germ free zone.

Moving out of your residence? Want your place to look really clean? Do you want assistance in cleaning marks that refuse to go away? Flawless Maids provides Move out cleaning services. When the home cleaning process is done the place will be shining, we’ll leave it looking brand new. We know how to deal with stubborn marks and it is our job to make them go away.

Apartment cleaning

People who live in an apartment can too, use Flawless Maids services. The size of your residence doesn’t matter. If you live in an area where Flawless Maids provides its services you are eligible to use their services.

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